Exane AM

Exane AM

Società di gestione

Indirizzo: Via dei Bassi, 4

Città: Milano

Paese: Italia

Web: www.exane-am.com

Founded in 2001, Exane asset management is an independent investment management company based in Paris, which devotes the skills of its equity experts to the service of its diversified European client base, composed chiefly of institutional investors, multi-asset managers and private banks.

Since the company was set up, Exane asset management has provided expert portfolio management aiming to accrue its clients’ capital on a long-term regular basis, in a structurally complex market environment. We manage both absolute performance funds and long-only equity funds.

 AUM at the end of December 2015 stood at EUR 3.5* billion, through 14 funds. 

(*) EUR 5.1 billion including funds of funds.

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